Donating “Loves Gonna Live On” for Las Vegas Victims 

100% of proceeds from this song goes to the "Las Vegas Victims' Fund," by Steve Sisolak, Clark County Commission Chair from Las Vegas.  

[I wrote this song after hearing about a story where a husband threw himself in front…

2016 was "Something New" for Me

2016 was surely a blessing! Career wise, I was signed to my first publishing company, HMG Nashville. My single, "Something New" was on national radio and made the top 200 on Music Row Chart. Because of that, I was able…

Behind the Scenes: Photoshoot

Behind the scene shot of today's photoshoot with Mark Nader ? can't wait to show you all more!
Fun facts:
look at those heels...I almost fell on my face a few times
i like to hang from chandeliers
walking uphill…

Wardrobe Malfunction


Just wanted to take this rainy afternoon to tell you a little about my wardrobe malfunction...on stage...opening for Jason Michael huh?

Well if you're anything like me, I love high heel boots, shiny leggings and a cute top…

Eating Healthy on the Road


You're in the car for 9 hours, you pass thousands of fast food joints, you're bored..yeah I get it. It's easy to get out of your healthy, normal eating habits.

Here are some things I do while on…


A Time to Remember...Maybe

Hey everyone, Kari here!
Just wanted to share a little story with you that happened while I was in NY for my first week of my radio tour!
We (mom, grandma and baby William) just checked into our hotel and…

Peppermint Patties

I'm totally exhausted but for some reason it's 5am and I haven't slept an ounce. So I've been super productive (as much as I can be on the couch) I edited photos I took tonight of my family at…

12 AM Thoughts

Well for some reason, it's bedtime for me but my brain won't let me get any sleep. Like, why did I NEED to know how people drew world maps before satellite existed? Btw, triangulation and surveying!

Then I stumbled upon…

Say It Ain't So

**Spoiler Alert** Anyone who has not seen the latest, "The Walking Dead," episode...Don't read this blog yet...go make pop corn, get some kleenex and watch... You have been warned... ... Okay, now that you're up to date... OH MY GOSH…

My First Blog...How Clever

Hey everyone!
Before I started this blog, I read, "How To Write a Blog - A Dummy Proof Step by Step Guide!"
So with that being said, here goes my first blog!

So, with everything that has been going on…