Blessed with both beauty and an angelic voice, Kari Holmes is taking the music scene by storm. Her first single, "Something New," was released to mainstream country radio and instantly made the top 200 on the Music Row chart in Nashville. Her debut single, “More From Me,” hit number 21 on the Inspirational Country Music chart (ICM) in Nashville and she was a top 10 nominee for ICM’s New Artist of the Year in 2016. The Music Umbrella (Santa Monica, Ca. based international music consultancy company) has had strong Americana feedback about Kari from industry vets.  She recently completed her first radio tour and continues to promote both singles on her debut EP, "Something New." She is currently touring and selling out shows in the Midwest and continues to branch out.

Although Kari's sexy innocence and "the girl next door" look stands out, she has a fierce side to her as well that she pulls out in her writing and performances, making her nothing you’ve ever seen and heard before.  She pours her heart and soul into everything she does. Whether she’s writing, in the studio, on the road or on stage, her bubbly, friendly, high spirited personality shines.She adds a fresh, new sound to music and is vivacious when she hits the stage. Her passionate lyrics, dynamic sound and high energy gets your heart pumping! Kari Holmes is “Something New” and someone to keep your eye on!

Kari started singing at the age of four. Although no one could understand what she was saying, they knew instantly she had a gift.  “I have the greatest family! They have always been so supportive of me, pushing me to better myself." At an early age, she performed in small singing competitions, church and school choirs, and took a love to writing in school. “I remember trying out for Star Search when I was in middle school. Afterwards, when my mom and I were walking back to our car, a lady ran after us with the executive producer’s business card.” When Kari was 17, she taught herself guitar and turned her poems into songs and continued writing new ones. She honed her skills while performing at local coffee shops and venues, where people fell in love with her storytelling and voice. She began writing with others, recording demos and started her own band at 21.

It's no wonder why fans all over the country are falling in love with Kari and what she stands for. In her words, “Writing is how I react to life…good and bad, and with that, I can reach out to others." Performing on stage is the second step to how  she reacts to life..leaving everything on that stage. "The one thing that I want people to take away from my shows and music is a feeling. That's what music is all about let your emotions take you for a ride. Those are the concerts worth remembering."