Kari Holmes represents the new American music lovers! This national recording artist has her hands full. Her first single, "Something New," was released to mainstream country radio in January of 2016 and instantly made the top 200 on Music Row. Her debut single, “More From Me,” made it on the TOP 20’s on the Inspirational Country Music chart (ICM) and she was a top 10 nominee for ICM’s New Artist of the Year in 2016. She recently completed her first radio tour and promoting both singles on her debut EP, "Something New." She is currently touring and selling out shows in the Midwest and continues to branch out. She has shared the stage with artists like, Pam Tillis, Lorrie Morgan, Uncle Kracker, Parmalee, Canaan Smith, Jason Michael Carroll, 2017 Voice Contestant, Natalie Stovall, American Idol Season 13 runner up, Jena Irene, American Idol season 11 contestant, Kayla Nettles, national act, Mustang Sally, national act, Wayland, and many more.

Kari Holmes may be small, but with her big voice, she is fierce, exhilarating and nothing you've ever heard or seen before! She has a fresh, new sound to music and is vivacious when she hit's the stage. Her pure, rich vocals, passionate lyrics, dynamic sound, and high energy makes you feel alive! She is, "Something New" and someone to keep your eye on.

Although Kari's sexy innocence and "the girl next door" look stands out, she has a fierce side to her as well that she pulls out in her writing and performances. She knows of love, loss and heartbreak and has written over 100 songs expressing just that. She pours her heart and soul into everything she does and stays true to her bubbly, friendly, high spirited personality. Even though she's felt pain and known heartbreak, she still writes of hope, faith and the importance of keeping your dignity, being an aspiring, positive role model to all.

It's no wonder why fans all over the country are falling in love with Kari and what she stands for. In her words, “Writing is how I react to life…good and bad, and with that, I can reach out to others. Performing on stage is the second step to how I react to life. It's where I leave everything. The one thing that I want people to take away from my shows is a feeling. That's what music is all about anyway...to let your emotions take you for a ride. Those are the concerts worth remembering."

Get to know her band

William Shadrick (songwriter, harmony, rhythm guitar, banjo, mandolin)
At an early age, William could be found singing along with Waylon Jennings to start every Dukes of Hazard episode. William was never shy and it was destined the first time he took the stage. From a young age William was trained in guitar and vocals and age 16 he began to write songs and perform. Unlike so many young artists, William stayed true to his roots, never wanting to play anything other than country music. William honed his style of country music by taking influence from many of the all time greats. He grew up on Hank Williams, Johnny Cash, Vince Gill, George Strait, Alan Jackson and many more. Today, you can see the influence of today’s stars like Brad Paisley, Jason Aldean, and Eric Church in his unique style of country. He has a new, young sound that also stays true to his roots. The energy that William brings to the stage can be felt in every note that he sings. William’s love for country music is obvious when he performs.  He is always interacting with his audience and involving them in his shows. "It’s always a great feeling seeing the crowd dance and sing along with the greatest hits, but when I see them do the same with my originals, there are no words to describe what I feel. I truly have fun doing what I love. Whether I write about love, heartbreak, life or cold beer, I’m always writing. It’s how I handle life…every aspect of it. If there’s a story to be told, I want to tell it!” The beat of his music is palpable and the crowd can’t help but dance! He has just finished his album, "Whirlwind of Emotion," which he wrote and co-produced. It is available online and at every show! William has performed for many events such as The Kenny Chesney Beach Bash at Ford Field, WYCD Downtown Hoedown, Freedom Hill with Gretchen Wilson, and Cell Phones for Soldiers.

Kerry Adams (lead guitar, harmony)
What can I say about this rollercoaster ride called the music business? All the years (40+) spent toiling away at my craft? The people I've had the pleasure to work with and the places I've been (too many to recall)? The stories from the road in all the bands I've been fortunate to be part of (brain cells that don't function any more prohibit accurate recall)? I'd rather not expound on those things here because as any musician knows….you are a product of all the people, places and things you've been exposed to over the years. There've been too many great times, incredible band mates, and supportive audience members to count...all those nights in the studio writing, arranging and producing my music as well as recording other musicians and vocalists...But it's always been about the music. I like to follow a simple code in music…."play every night like it's your last…and never forget who you're doing it for." This is the ethic I bring to Kari Holmes' band. nd am proud to be a member of a musical project that has members with such deep and diverse backgrounds. They're consummate professionals that work as hard as they can to give something back. Did I remember to say it's always been about the music? 

Pete Johnson (bass, harmony)
Pete has crossed genres from hard rock to county bringing with him a fresh, edgy sound to the band. Inspired musically at age four, he began piano lessons where he cultivated his natural ability to understand the theory of music. Using his knowledge from twelve years of piano lessons and some helpful tips from Dad, Pete taught himself to play guitar by age eight and bass by age ten. Pete's path continued to be guided by music into his teens where he refined his vocal and bass playing skills in many of Howell High School's choirs and various local praise bands. His involvement in the church helped to lay the framework for B.I.C, Believer's in Christ, a heavy Christian rock group that he helped create in 1998. For ten years he performed, wrote music and recorded two ten-
track records with B.I.C. During this time he also pursued a musical career giving guitar and bass lessons at Schafer's House of Music in Howell, Michigan. More recently Pete was asked to perform with Five Rows Back, a Christian rock group. Together they recorded a three track EP and played in music festivals such as The Big Ticket one of the largest faith based festivals in the nation. Transitioning into something new, Pete became the bass player for the band who accompanied The Stand Strength Team a non-profit, national program promoting anti-bullying, anti-violence and respecting others. The team consists of athletes displaying feats of strength to live music. Pete is looking forward to drawing from all past experiences and taking that knowledge with him down this new country road.

Mark Sutton (drums, harmony)
An alumni of Western Michigan University’s school of music, awarded the Janson’s Jazz musician’s scholarship  and a graduate of the Berklee College of Music, awarded the Professional Music  and Avedis Zildjian scholarship, Mark has been involved in many different music genre’s.His first large scale tour happened in 1985 for Howard Jones’s North American tour. He has gone on to perform with many acts and artists such as Bobby McFerrin, Gordon Lightfoot, Looking Glass, Earl Klugh, Mitch Ryder, K.C. & the Sunshine Band, Tony Orlando, Justine Blazer, Jon Secada, Concord recording artist,  jazz Pianist Helen Sung and Chicago renowned Jazz Saxophonist Ari Brown.Mark has used his versatile style in recording with David Foster, Island Recording Artist Jude Cole, George Clinton, Oleta Adams, Brea Starr, Justine Blazer, What It Is, Angela Engelman, Johnny Lang,  Mandi Layne & the Lost Highway, KayLyn Pace and Kari Holmes among others. He also performs on many commercials for radio and T.V. and has worked in show orchestra’s for productions with the Cleveland Institute of Music orchestra, the Mid Michigan Orchestra, Annie, Damned Yankee’s and West Side Story. Mark is also an in demand drummer locally in his home state of Michigan. He has worked extensively in the Metro Detroit area with acts and artists ranging from Country to Hip Hop.  Some of the local/regional acts he’s worked with are:  Dixie  Crossroad, Nick Strange & the Bare Naked, The Chance, Doctor Pocket, his own fusion Jazz group Other Peoples Children, Bugs Beddow, Allen as Tim (Tim McGraw Tribute act), Kentucky Strait, Tower of Soul,  the Prime Eights, Derringer; house band at the DIAMONDBACK , the VC TRIO ,  Vinyl Underground, Mandi Layne & the Lost Highway, Leroy Clay Band, Laith Al-Saddi, Sonic Freeway , the AAMC Faculty Jazz ensemble, Ken Merritt and the Blue Katz and Shot guns & Violins.   Currently he is with the Tony Viviano Quartet and I.C.M Nashville recording artist Kari Holmes.