A Time to Remember...Maybe

Hey everyone, Kari here!
Just wanted to share a little story with you that happened while I was in NY for my first week of my radio tour!
We (mom, grandma and baby William) just checked into our hotel and decided to get a bite to eat right down the road from the hotel at the local bar! While we we're in the bar's parking lot, William called me, so we all stayed in the car during the conversation. When we were ready to go inside, mom asked grandma if she had the keys before we all got out of the car. My grandma said no and that she never was handed them. My mom guaranteed that she had given them to her....
Well they both were so sure that they never gave or received them. So for half an hour, we searched the car upside down, checking purses, under the seats, even places we knew they wouldn't have been! We thought we were all going crazy and were fed up! "I know they have to be in here, we didn't even leave the car," I said. "But even though they're in here somewhere, that's not helping us any cause we still can't find them!" I called William asking him if frantically if we could call the police. He just laughed!
So after blaming each other, tearing the car apart, we decided to check our purses one more time....well wouldn't you know....."Here they are!" I'm still not sure how all three of us didn't see them the first ten times we checked the purse. So we finally went inside and had a delicious steak dinner and took the edge off with a mango, strawberry daiquiri!

Moral of the story...crazy runs in the family!