From the recording When I See You Smile

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Writers: Kari Holmes, Justine Blazer
Produced by Justine Blazer at Ten7tTeen Studios in Nashville, TN mastered by Gene Freeman Machine in Austin, TX
Justine Blazer (keys, BG vocals) Jake Sommers (drums) Parker Daniel (guitar) Paul Amundson (bass)


I feel for the fools who live life alone
It's cold and it's lonely up on that throne
Who's gonna pull you out when the Water overlows?
We can work for the things we want in life
But if we're at it all solo what's the point In the fight?
Two souls are better than one when its all said and done

Everyone is someone who deserves to be loved
Everyone has a heart and only bleeds red blood
No matter who you are or what you have done
Everyone in the world deserves to be loved

Three things are certain from the start
We're all born, we all die, we all have a heart
No matter big or small, we all play a part


I believe in a bright world, we walk hand in hand
Love is a language we all understand


Everyone in this whole world deserves to be loved
Deserves to be loved