Say It Ain't So

**Spoiler Alert** Anyone who has not seen the latest, "The Walking Dead," episode...Don't read this blog yet...go make pop corn, get some kleenex and watch... You have been warned... ... Okay, now that you're up to date... OH MY GOSH.... NOT GLENN! If you're anything like me, you cried your eyes out and your husband tried comforting you but it didn't help. Thinking back to the first episode of the first season when we were introduced to Glenn, I never thought I'd love him like I do now. Sure, I knew he was nice because he helped Rick survive but I honestly thought he wouldn't be a main character. I'll admit I was wrrro... Glenn is such a great character. He's kind, gentle, respectful, yet strong, determined and grounded. So when I saw him on the ground with guts hanging out and zombies all around, I was crushed, devestated...."Noooo, not Glenn!" So, I'm not sure he's dead. I'm still hopefull. That may not be his guts. Seriously. What's his face who caused this mess fell on top of Glenn AND I heard through the grapevine Glenn will be back in November! There is still hope! Now on to Rick...I am so scared for him. I don't know how he's going to get out his situation, but yet again, he is Rick, so I'm worrying for nothing. He'll do it! I have total faith! FYI, I didn't start watching The Walking Dead until the 5th season came out. I don't handle blood very well and was too scared to watch it with my family. Let's face it...I had my mom sleep next to me after I watched Taken for the first time...I didn't think I was ready for TWD. BUT once William convinced me we should watch at least one episode, we were both hooked. We watched all 5 seasons in one month! My goal was to actually be able to talk to people about it without them spoiling it for me! Happy Halloween! :)