Wardrobe Malfunction


Just wanted to take this rainy afternoon to tell you a little about my wardrobe malfunction...on stage...opening for Jason Michael Carroll...cool huh?

Well if you're anything like me, I love high heel boots, shiny leggings and a cute top to go with it all!

(Here I am with Jason Michael Carroll...btw...the coolest, most down to earth guy ever! And did I mention, super talented? I'm not joking!!!)

So, third song into my set, my high heel boots decided they wanted to part ways with me and break! WAHHH!
I started to panic and told the audience what just happened, and that's what happens when you buy bargain shoes. I started to hear tons of laughter...so I sat down and threw them off the stage and surprisingly, all of the women in the crowd started cheering for me!

When you think something little like breaking your heels is going to ruin the night, just go with it and it might turn out alright!
After the show I had so many ladies come up to me and tell me their stories of how their heels broke out in public and how they thought it was so cool of me running around the stage in my bare feet!

Moral of the story?
Keep buying bargain shoes, when life gives you lemons, make something out of it and OWN it! :)

look how super cute these were!